Winter 2014-2015

Without writing up a full blog entry, pressed for time this morning.  Excitement continues to grow around this Winter and what can be expected, looking like a definitive sea change from the relentless zonal onslaught on last year, with the chances of more traditional seasonal winter outbreaks certainly in the mix.

Hope to write more over the weekend, at the moment lots of data crunching, paper reviewing, composite and analog building and watching of key indices ahead of November.

Exciting times..


Hello Again !

Just a quick note to say hello, took the website offline for a few months as too busy and had to sort out new web hosting.

All the old material is no longer online but will begin building this again over the next couple of months to get it in good order for Winter 2014/15.

Enjoy the summer.

Scottish Weather Hobbyist.. Back after a wee break..